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Reserved Spot 24/7 - This is considered Rockwell’s highest demand spot. Subject to availability. Please check if you would like to be added the waiting list.

Non-Reserved 24/7 - This is perfect for working long hours and even coming in on the weekends. Your hard work will pay off more than this parking spot.

Weekday 7am-7pm - This is the most economical space we have available. Check with your company to see if any group rates are available. Prices subject to vary.

Reserved Spot 24/7Non-Reserved 24/7Weekday 7am-7pm

Terms and Conditions

  1. Monthly parking fees are due by the first business day of each month. If payment is not received by the 5th of the month, parking privileges will be cancelled.
  2. Parking pass is nontransferable. In the event the monthly pass has been transferred the card will be deactivated immediately and will not be reinstated.
  3. MVP Parking Services, will only prorate the first month and base proration on 30 days. At no time will a credit or proration be applied for any unused parking. This includes but not limited to, travel, illness, vacation, or any other reason to be absent from parking.
  4. Vehicles parked improperly in a reserved space or handicap space are subject to towing, relocation, or additional charges.
  5. A $25 late fee will be assessed to all payments received after the first business day of the month. An additional $15 will be added if not received after the 5th day of the month, along with cancellation of parking privileges. All unpaid balances will be submitted to 3rd party collections if balance is not received in 30 days.
  6. $25 deposit required for access card and will be refunded 15 days after returned. Pass must be in working order to receive deposit refund.
  7. This is a month to month agreement that can be cancelled at any time, unless under lease obligation.

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